Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3D Solar Power Flashlight

First, out group designed a solar powered flashlight. Then we 3D printed it and put together all of the necessary parts that we could because the flashlight wasn't printed right.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clear Hole Puncher.

Clear Hole Puncher
Our idea for the 3D Printer is a clear hole puncher. All of us were brainstorming ideas but then Will K. came up with idea of a clear hole puncher. The Clear Hole Puncher solves everybody's problems. It solves problems because you can see where you are punching those holes.

The website we used for our 3D printing project was Tinker Cad. Tinker Cad is a website that you can create a format of your 3D design. Will S, designed the Clear Hole Puncher, while Will K. and I worked on the Enhancement Book. Will S, created two parts. He created a cylinder that you can slide through the Hole Puncher. The other part he created was a hole puncher without the cylinder.

There were some problems we had with the hole puncher. The cylinder was not sharp enough to punch holes. An improvement for that is that you can buy a sharp hole puncher. We also could not get clear foil for the hole puncher. We made a the clear hole puncher translucent. This project was fun.